Craving is a site specific spatial sound composition set up by Bernhard Garnicnig and Gottfried Haider in the public space of Vienna's Donaucity district. There they arranged musical and spoken sound fragments inspired by the late Sarah Kane's play Crave. The selection of sounds and their spatial as well as temporal distribution follows a detailed study of the text and the emotional tectonics of the physical space itself. The latter one is reflected in features such as rhythms and flows of pedestrian movements and architectural layers.

The piece is experienced by the listener while he individually wanders though the outskirt high-rise area. He wears headphones and a GPS- and sensor equipped computing device, allowing the composition to unfold while he drifts through the area. A binaural sound simulation incorporates the sounds that have been affiliated by the artists to certain places into his acoustic environment, as if they were around him. While the listener explores the urban environment himself he is also shaping his very own spatial sound narrative. The project is based on the artists' self-developed software Global Player.

Presentations, Publications

2007 International Mobile Music Workshop Amsterdam
2008 International Mobile Music Workshop Vienna
2009 Coded Cultures Festival Vienna, 2010 ISEA2010 Ruhr

Sound Excerpt

.mp3 (00:06:21, 14.1mb)




Proceedings of the 4th International Mobile Music Workshop Amsterdam (PDF)
Kirisits, N., Behrendt, F., Gaye, L., Tanaka, A.: Creative Interactions - The MobileMusicWorkshop 04-08, Vienna, 2008
Russegger G., Tarasiewicz M., Wlodkowski M.: Coded Cultures - Exploring Creative Emergences, Vienna, 2009
ISEA2010 RUHR Conference Proceedings, 2010 Revolver Verlag, Berlin (PDF)


This project would not have been possible without the generous support of the University for Applied Arts Vienna and the Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture. We would also like to thank Anatol Vitouch, Amira Ben-Saoud, Anne Thieme, Max Berger and Sarah Rechberger for lending our project their voice and Angelika Katzinger for designing and fabricating our wearable computer jacket. Also thank you Nicolaj Kirisits, Ruth Schnell, Frauke Behrendt and Atau Tanaka for their ongoing support.


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